Job Position: Social Media Content Creator

  • Application Deadline:
  • Employment Type: Part Time and Full Time Availability
  • Location(s): Mississauga
  • Compensation: $17.00 to $19.00 per hour
  • How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to
    or submit them using the Apply button below.

Required Qualifications:

If you are a positive and creative social media intern and have a flair for being immersed in social media tasks, read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

What You’ll Bring
Proven record of increasing brand awareness using social media
Technological & social media savvy.
Creative, visually driven, and outcomes driven.
Passionate about leading and driving brand awareness to promote an exciting hotel launch.
Have excellent written communication and digital design skills.
Be independent and self-motivated.
Be familiar with Microsoft Office products, Canva, and key social media tools.

Required Experience
Recent completion or working towards the completion of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, public relations, or a related field.
Experience or knowledge in creating and implementing a brand and social media strategy.
Experience with a DSLR is an asset.
Must be proficient in: Social media, graphic design

Key Responsibilities:

Position Overview:
This is a part-time or full-time intern position role supporting our communications team and you will report to our Chief Technology Officer, Adrian D’Atri. This position will be on location at our Hurontario Corporate Centre located at 3660 Hurontario Street in Mississauga.

The main responsibility of the Social Media Content Creator will be to create and implement a brand and social strategy to drive the Rook’s Hotel online presence showcasing its construction status and invoking visibility by creating and posting blogs, and various social media posts.

The most important responsibility of the Social Media Content Creator is to develop and increase brand awareness through the usage of social media platforms using a variety of social media content including blogs that are completed with a high level of efficiency, accuracy, excitement, and positivity.

Develop and implement a social media and brand strategy to promote the Rook Hotel.
Create daily blogs and other social media content using progress photos on the construction status of the Rook Hotel and post them on various channels.
Manage the company’s various social media accounts and post content.
Track key social media analytics of the company including the professional networking company stats and other analytics monthly.
Interact with followers and potential customers by communicating and answering questions through the company’s social pages.
Work closely with other departments to create posts promoting our various opportunities.

Additional Details:

**Please include the job title and company in the subject line of all application submissions**TO APPLY: Please email and click this link to APPLY.

About Our Company:

Company Overview:
Rook Hotel is a start-up high-tech hotel in the heart of Mississauga. Located conveniently across from Square One and 15 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport. This hotel will be composed of cutting-edge technology offering an innovative and novel experience.

As an up-and-coming high-tech hotel, we are looking for an “Entry Level Social Media Content Creator ” to join our team of A players to support our marketing and communications team.