Donate Funds: How Your Support Changes Lives

Work has the power to change lives and strengthen communities.

Everyone’s journey to finding work is different and for many in our community facing barriers, it can be very challenging.

  • Your donations provide training, mental health and individual support to people facing barriers to work. You can give monthly or give a one time gift.
  • Helping someone find and maintain work  can lead to financial stability, improved self-worth and confidence, social connections and a path out of poverty that can impact family members and the community around them.

Jay's Client Profile featured image headshot
Jay's Client Profile headshot

Monthly giving:
Ongoing support.

Your monthly fit can provide stable and individualized support to those who need a little more help on their journey.

Or give a one time gift.

Jay’s Story

Jay knew he was different. He didn’t learn like other kids, had trouble making friends and was bullied by his peers. Going to school everyday was a nightmare. At seventeen, Jay was diagnosed as neurodivergent, which simply means he processes the world around him a little differently than most.

Sensory issues can make situations difficult and social anxiety can be overwhelming. Jay also identifies with the LGBTQ2S+ community and has come to learn what is comfortable for he/him, they/them. With all these beautiful and unique differences, Jay was having a difficult time finding work in a safe and supportive environment.

Being who I am is frustrating, but I feel more independent now.

A photo of a young man with Downs Syndrome working behind the counter at a cafe

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