Our Profiles: Jay’s Story

Jay's Client Profile featured image headshot
Jay's Client Profile headshot

“Being who I am is frustrating, but I feel more independent now.”

Jay knew he was different.

He didn’t learn like other kids, had trouble making friends and was bullied by his peers. Going to school everyday was a nightmare. At seventeen, Jay was diagnosed as neurodivergent, which simply means he processes the world around him a little differently than most. Sensory issues can make situations difficult and social anxiety can be overwhelming.

Jay also identifies with the LGBTQ2S+ community and has come to learn what is comfortable for he/him, they/them. With all these beautiful and unique differences, Jay was having a difficult time finding work in a safe and supportive environment.

Jay, Transitional Employment and
Mentoring program participant

“Being who I am is frustrating, but I feel more independent now after being part of this program.  I look forward to seeing and helping new people, befriending co-workers, learning new skills and being in a space I where I feel supported and surrounded by cool things I love. I am thinking I might even go to college in the future.”

Unsure about the future and where he might fit in, a referral to Goodwill Amity’s Transitional Employment and Mentoring program has given Jay the skills, tools and support to see a path forward. This 8-week program provided Jay with a safe setting to learn new hands-on skills such as retail etiquette, talking to difficult customers, and food preparation. He developed his own resume, learned how to search for jobs and participated nervously in mock interviews.

Supported by his Goodwill Amity coach, Jay built the confidence needed to complete a real interview and secure employment in a local comic book store. 

Your “hand-up” has the power to change someone’s life in a really big way, just like Jay’s.

You can help someone else struggling to overcome barriers to employment with a donation to Goodwill Amity.  Your donation will provide the tools and individual support they need to secure a job, experience independence, joy, personal achievement, and look to the future.