Spirits Delivery

Job Position: Delivery Driver

  • Application Deadline: 13th November 2022
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Location(s): Hamilton,Ancaster,Dundas,Hamilton,Stoney Creek
  • Compensation: per hour
    Compensation to be determined based on experience
  • How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to axdt7ccxyn@hotmail.com
    or submit them using the Apply button below.

Required Qualifications:

Mature Adult, have a your own vehicle, can go up and downstairs if necessary and able to lift at least one case of beer.

Key Responsibilities:

Must be able to do simple math as you are dealing with money, neat handwriting, excellent customer service skills.

Additional Details:

Pick up items and delivery to customer homes. Knowledge of the City of Hamilton and /or have a GPS

About Our Company:

We do deliveries of Beer and Lcbo itmes to customers homes. Looking for a full time driver to work the weekends and during the week days until close.