Job Position: Customer Service Desk/ Technical

  • Application Deadline: 29th January 2023
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Location(s): Remote
  • Compensation: $20.00 per hour
  • How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to
    or submit them using the Apply button below.

Required Qualifications:

Desired Skills and Qualifications:
• High School Graduate
• Must be able to deliver an excellent customer service experience with a calm demeanour
• Must work independently, take the initiative to solve problems within accepted frameworks
• Ability to multitask and remain organized
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• Comfortable using Google workspace for documents and spreadsheets
• Must have a fast and reliable internet connection and a quiet space to work
• Must have technical aptitude
• Experience with google suite and Zendesk is an asset
• Ability to update website, website design is an asset

Key Responsibilities:

Sky-Fi is seeking a Customer Service/Help Desk Attendant to build on our company’s commitment to delivering high-quality service standards to our customers.
By joining Sky-Fi you will have the unique opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to building a fast and effective rural internet infrastructure.

• Responding to basic customer service technical support requests, initially within 15 minutes, through computer based or mobile applications, in accordance with the framework provided, escalating and referring requests where appropriate;
• Updating spreadsheets and applications with information;
• Tracking and responding to new customer requests; and
• Other administrative/clerical tasks may include but are not limited to: updating website, creating spreadsheets, doing data analysis.

Additional Details:

Compensation/Hours and Location:
• Employees performing technical support will work on an on-call basis;
• Shifts will be between 7am and 7pm, in varying lengths, Monday to Sunday, determined weekly based on operational needs and candidate availability;
• Stipend is $75.00 per 12 hour shift, prorated for shifts shorter than 12 hours and employees will be paid $20.00 an hour for work performed; and,
• Other administrative/clerical tasks may be available based on candidate skills/availability and will be compensated at $20.00 an hour to start (regular increases provided thereafter with successful job experience).

About Our Company:

Sky-Fi Networks is a local, independent, wireless internet provider servicing the rural areas between Hamilton, Brantford, Cambridge, and Waterdown. We are contract-free and take pride in keeping our customers the old-fashioned way, by keeping them happy. We do not bundle additional services such as TV and telephone thereby providing maximum freedom and choice to our customers.Sky-Fi has a unique off-grid skillset which integrates solar
and wind. This means our service is not limited to areas with hydro. We take advantage of a number of the advances in wireless technology in order to provide our customers with the connection they deserve. We are deploying, managing, and continually upgrading our infrastructure to offer internet to communities that previously had no other options. As Sky-Fi grows and purchases more bandwidth, we are able to access volume discount rates and offer customers the cheapest price possible. This allows us to give faster speeds at lower prices! We partner with property owners to expand our network and connect more of our neighbours to the high speed internet they deserve. We use the natural features of the surrounding rural
area to our benefit to provide the fastest internet possible.