Sierra Supply Chain

Job Position: Warehouse Supervisor

  • Application Deadline: 29th January 2023
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Location(s): Hamilton
  • Compensation: per hour
    Compensation to be determined based on experience
  • How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to
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Required Qualifications:

High School Diploma
Valid Forklift License
Previous experience in a food processing/production environment considered an asset
Ability to communicate effectively and professionally in both oral and written communication
Organized, thrives in a team environment
Ability to follow instructions
Basic Mathematical and Calculation Skills
Comfortable with the environment: smell of meat, cool temperatures

Key Responsibilities:

The Production Material Handler is responsible for ensuring that the production line continues to run effectively and efficiently. The Production Material Handler prepares production reports, oversees workflow, and ensures practices are followed and product quality is maintained.

Line Management
Supply production line and workers with raw product and packaging material in time to ensure the line runs consistently at the same speed until end of the run
Unpacking and putting away finished goods in the correct location. This includes scanning of product
Ensure that the yields for all work orders are correct. check the work order in the Carlisle system as soon as the job done to make sure everything is scanned properly, and the yield is ok.
Return the extra packaging material as soon as the job finishes
Prepare the line by lining up the required raw/packaging material for next job
Follow the lineup strictly and direct labor to the appropriate production line to ensure that the line continues working uninterrupted
Check the manpower to make sure we got the workers we need/ordered
Setup various production line, including setup equipment, activate work orders, scan product in work order, bring packaging and raw materials. Ensure production lines are working as directed
Make sure the sanitation crew clean each workstation whenever required, when workers take break and as soon as the job is done
Timely Line Production Fulfillment
Hourly Production status report to your supervisor
Accurately record the time, labor and materials used for work orders. You should fill the daily production report for each job you do
Ensure production workers are adhering to time constraints and fulfilling work orders efficiently
Ensure to inform your supervisor on an hourly basis, if the order is short or if you have left over product after filling the order
Report any discrepancies during the shift to your supervisor along with possible solution to potential problems
Leadership & Training
Be aware of the KPI’s for different production processes and inform the production supervisors if they are not being met
Provide continual training for line workers in all areas that require improvement
Monitor production workers and provide direction when required
Team Performance
Coaching team appropriately for areas of improvement
Ensure operators working on the line are also adhering to GMPS, SOPs in accordance with HACCP
Control and monitor workers. Make sure they go and come back from break in time
Food Safety & Quality Service
Follow Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation and Safety Standards
Reduction in meat on the floor give away and losses, perform testing checks and identify product quality
Work safely while adhering to proper GMPs, HACCP, Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines
Ensure the production floor is kept dry, clean, clear of debris at all times and stocked appropriately with garbage disposals

Additional Details:

Perks of the Job? We Have Plenty!

In addition to our collaborative, team-oriented environment fostering growth we offer:

Competitive Salary
Employee Benefits Package
Safety Shoe Reimbursement
Brand New Equipment
Fully Renovated New Space
Comprehensive Benefits
Employee Events
Paid Time Off
Professional Development

About Our Company:

As a meat-supplier, we provide value driven protein solutions to all of our clients in the food processing, food service, retail and distributions sectors. Our purpose is to simplify supply chain services in order to provide more value. We have the raw material, product knowledge, market insight, regulatory expertise and comprehensive protein supply chain solutions to reduce the costs of production, maximize operational efficiency, and mitigate supply side risk.