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Job Position: Heavy Duty Cleaner

  • Application Deadline: 30th September 2021
  • Employment Type: Part Time and Full Time Availability
  • Location(s): Hamilton
  • Compensation: $15.00 per hour
    Compensation to be determined based on experience
  • How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to
    or submit them using the Apply button below.

Required Qualifications:

• Previous cleaning/housekeeping experience is required.
• Ability to comprehend and communicate detailed instructions orally and in writing.
• Ability to multi-task and establish priorities.
• Highly motivated and able to work independently.
• Strong attention to detail and excellent time management skills.
• Must be able to use cleaning equipment (ie. I-mop, vacuum.)
• Physically able to carry out duties of the position and lift up to 25-35 pounds.
• Must be able to use various cleaning equipment (ie. autoscrubbers, swing machines)

Key Responsibilities:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Dry mops, wet mop (wash/scrub), and polishes hard surface floors. The washing/scrubbing of floors is done with hand held or walk behind buffing machines.
• Strip and finish hard surface floors manually or with power equipment when required.
• Transport garbage from drop points to garbage bins or compactor; operate the compactor and be responsible for cleaning the compactor on regular basis.
• Transport biomedical waste from designated drop points ensuring the waste is in the appropriate container, appropriate bar codes and regulatory labelling is on biomedical containers.
• Transport maintenance machinery, where necessary, between floors and job sites.
• Clean glass areas requiring ladders, scaffolding or other extension equipment to reach.
• Clean washroom floors including washing, stripping and finishing.
• Clean stairwells and elevator cabs where ladders are required.
• Wash walls, ceilings, and dusts ceiling light fixtures and ceiling fans.
• Use pile lifting equipment to restore certain types of carpet.
• Shampoo broadloom and uses extracting equipment to clean broadloom.
• Clean mats at main entrances.
• Perform pre-use inspection on any and all equipment prior to use. Reports any noticeable maintenance problems or safety hazards to Housekeeping Supervisor.
• Comply with H&S regulations and company policies

Additional Details:

Rate: 15/hr
We are currently looking for a Heavy Duty position at Hamilton Plaza Hotel. All successful candidates will be sent for a pre-placement immunization check before any orientation or training and a copy of the covid vaccination status will be also needed.

About Our Company:

Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Satellite Health Facility (SHF) is located at 150 King St. E. in downtown Hamilton.
The SHF is for patients who no longer require hospital care, but who need healthcare support until they can safely transition to another location in the community.
It is an extension of both hospitals, and staffed by an interprofessional team of healthcare providers and primary care physicians. As always, our goal is to provide quality care for patients in a safe setting, while supporting the needs of our community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SHF helps our hospitals:

Support patients who are waiting for care in the community;
Reserve hospital space for those with urgent medical needs;
Continue to reintroduce clinical services impacted by the pandemic;
Maintain capacity to care for COVID-19 patients should there be a surge in cases.