Our Profiles: Felix’s Story

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“In order to keep moving forward, you need to adapt to change and be willing to learn.”

Felix moved to Canada with his family from the Dominican Republic in 2016 to provide them with greater opportunities and improved quality of life.

He arrived with years of manufacturing experience and knowledge, having built a successful career in management, engineering and lean processing roles for electronic, automotive and telecommunication manufacturers.

Despite his knowledge and experience Felix had difficulty securing work in the same field. Like so many newcomers Felix had to learn to “survive in a country where you don’t know anything or anyone, have only your savings and are forced to take the first job you can get to pay bills and help your family survive”. This meant working in jobs with minimal skill level to simply make ends meet. On job interviews employers would ask Felix why he was working in lower-level roles and was then declined job offers as he did not have any “Canadian” manufacturing experience.

Felix Reynoso, Burlington/Hamilton Participant
SAO Food Manufacturing Program

“How do you gain Canadian work experience in your field if employers won’t hire you unless you have the Canadian experience?”

Feeling frustrated Felix turned to Goodwill Amity for support with his job search, resume writing and interviewing skills. He also took part in Goodwill’s SAO Food and Beverage Manufacturing Program (now the Food and Beverage Accelerated Skills Training Program (FAST), where he received training in the safe handling of food, Canadian manufacturing guidelines and the opportunity to interview with some of the top food manufacturers in Canada.

Felix secured employment with a prominent meat processing manufacturer locally, is gaining Canadian experience within the sector, providing for his family and looking at future career growth opportunities.  

Your “hand-up” has the power to change someone’s life in a really big way, just like Felix’s.

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