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Job Position: Dietary Aide

  • Application Deadline: 17th April 2023
  • Employment Type: Part Time and Full Time Availability
  • Location(s): Hamilton
  • Compensation: per hour
    Compensation to be determined based on experience
  • How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to
    or submit them using the Apply button below.

Required Qualifications:


 Food Service Worker Certificate (Please note: As per the LTCHA, 2007 Homes can employ an individual who is currently enrolled in the Program. The stipulation outlined in the Act, requires completion of the Food Service Worker Certificate within 3 years of hire. Failure to do so, will result in termination).
 Must enjoy working in a long term care setting.
 Must be able to communicate in English including written documentation.
 Has acceptable standard of behaviour and appearance.
 Previous experience working in the food service industry.
 Current Food Handler’s Certificate

Core Competencies:

Resident-Centred Care

Definition: Ensures and maintains resident satisfaction with the product and services offered by the organization.


Definition: Clearly conveys information to a variety of audiences using the tools necessary, engaging the audience to ensure the message is delivered and understood, creating a positive first impression with confidence and respect.

Energy & Stress

Definition: Consistently demonstrates high level of drive, infectious to the surrounding environment, and preserves effectiveness, drive and focus for extended periods of time, while maintaining composure in highly stressful or adverse situations.

Team Work

Definition: Promotes cooperation and commitment with the team towards the attainment of common goals. Gets others excited about and committed to furthering the organization’s objectives. Enables cooperative and productive group interactions.

Quality Orientation

Definition: Completes tasks keeping in mind all aspects involved regardless of magnitude, checks tasks and processes while having attention to details. Follows occupational health and safety regulations as per homes policies and procedure.

Problem Solving

Definition: Resolves difficult and complicated challenges.

Time Management/Accountability/Dependability

Definition: takes personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work and achieves results with no oversight, including following guidelines, standards regulations and principles. Maximizes time in order to accomplish tasks.

Operating Equipment

Definition: uses tools, machines and vehicles to transport or create products or services.

Ethics and Integrity

Definition: earns the trust and respect of others through consistent honesty and professionalism in all interactions. Diplomatically handles challenging or tense interpersonal situations

Key Responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities:

 Follows written job routines and duties as established by the Home.
 Ensure all menu items are prepared and served according to departmental policies and procedures.
 Assure that the presentation of all menu items adhere to established standards.
 Assist with the preparation of the meals on menus and based on nutritional programs and individual plans.
 Ensure the quality of meals in regards to taste, presentation and dietary requirements established by the dietician.
 Ensure quality and safety of food by performing standard and any additional sanitary measures including sweeping of the floors, cleaning of surfaces, as well as proper covering and storage of food items according to standards and procedures.
 Work at efficient and consistent pace, ensuring time preparation of all meals.
 Ensure that each resident receives meals corresponding to their dietary requirements.
 Ensure that the correct quantities are prepared to meet daily needs.
 Utilize kitchen equipment during food preparation.
 Stay productive at all times and prepare for future needs as time allows.
 Demonstrate flexibility and volunteer to fill open shifts as required by variations in staffing.
 Follow proper reporting procedures for accidents and incidents to ensure follow-up and prevention.
 Adhere to all regulations including blood borne pathogens, infection control, use of hazardous materials and fire safety.
 Monitor supplies in stock room and communicate any inventory needs to Departmental Manager.
 Assist with the training of new employees.
 Serve food in the proper portion size and at the proper temperature.
 Report any infraction in the food services department policies and procedures to the Departmental Manager.
 Arrive to work at the scheduled time.
 Understands and promotes dietary standards as regulated by the LTCHA, 2007 and all applicable regulations.
 Maintains care and safety of all equipment in the dietary department.
 Recognizes safety hazards and the importance of providing a safe environment.
 Assists residents during mealtimes. This includes, but is not limited to, set-up, prompting, assisting with feeding the resident, portering and meal supervision.
 Porter residents throughout the home, as needed.
 Assist with resident lifts, transfers and bed entrapment.
 Perform other related duties as required.

Additional Details:

Accountability Objective:

The Dietary Aide is accountable to the Director of Culinary Services to carry out assigned duties and tasks of organized dietary services to meet residents’ needs.

Working Conditions:

Some disruptions in lifestyle resulting from extra hours spent in various meetings and with prospective clients. Exposed to resident care elements through regular resident contact. Available at all times for emergencies. Stress resulting from the constant need to handle interruptions during the workday and to manage within legislative, budgetary and time constraints on a consistent basis, and from dealing with people who themselves are under emotional pressure. Considerable stress from the shared responsibility to market under-utilized accommodations.

Physical Requirements:

 Lifting alone, maximum 50 lbs. (5-25 lbs. usual) as an essential job function.
 Lifting with assistance, maximum 160 lbs. (100-150 lbs. Usual) as an essential job function.
 Pushing/pulling, using wheeled equipment such as carts, trolleys, with contents that weigh a maximum 100 lbs, (20-50 lbs. usual) as an essential job function.
 Stretching/reaching on a regular frequency throughout the shift as an essential job function.
 Walking, with possibly some upstairs walking, to a maximum of 3 hours, (1-2 hours usual) as an essential job function.
 Standing for lengths of time up to 3 hours maximum (1-2 hours usual) as an essential job function.
 Bending/stooping on a regular frequency throughout the shift, as a non-essential job function.
 Carry/transport objects of various sizes, up to a maximum of 25 lbs. (5-15 lbs. usual ).
 Must be able to perform turning, stooping, bending, stretching, and lifting to assist residents in care requirements, and other duties.
 Must be able to move and lift equipment and supplies of various sizes and weights.
 Must have visual and hearing acuity to recognize the need of assistance required by residents.

Health & Safety Responsibilities:

 Is aware of employees’ responsibilities and follows all health and safety policies and procedures as set out in the employee safety program handbook and departmental manuals.
 Works safely to reduce the risk of injury to self, co-workers and residents.
 Is alert to and promptly reports all actual or potentially hazardous situations to immediate supervisor.
 Does not operate or use faulty equipment.
 Wears personal protective equipment (or clothing) as required by task, M.S.D.S. or home policy.
 Promptly reports personal injury to supervisor and seeks first aide as needed.
 Participates in fire safety demonstrations and fire drills and knows the home’s fire and disaster plan.
 Is knowledgeable of and practices ergometric techniques in relation to home’s computers.
After reading the job description and the physical requirements I agree I understand the full scope of the job and in order to be successful in my role:
 II will require some accommodations.
 I will not require any accommodations.
Following are the accommodations I will need (Please list any and all items needed for accommodation):

About Our Company:

Accredited long-term care home offering nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis. Rooms and basic services include: laundry and housekeeping, meals and medication administration, pastoral services, social and recreational programs, rehabilitation, dietary care, palliative care, and assistance with the essential activities of daily living.

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