December Giving: Feeling Confident for a Job Interview

“Dress for the job you want” is something we have all heard.

 It is hard to feel confident, deserving and ready for a job interview when you don’t feel good about how you present yourself.

This is a barrier for many job-seekers in our community who do not have funds to spend on clothes or haircuts. You can remove this barrier for someone today with a gift to Goodwill Amity.

Let’s give jobs-seekers in need a “hand up” this December by raising $5,000 to remove barriers so they can participate in work.

Your donation will provide immediate support to those in need, so they can get the job they want.

While there are plenty of job openings right now, not everyone in our community can access them due to barriers like mental health, poverty, lack of experience, disabilities, immigration, racial discrimination and or childcare responsibilities.

A mixed gender and ethnicity group of young employees in various work appropriate attire standing in front of a Goodwill blue background

Your donation can remove barriers to employment

  • $25 towards haircut, emergency food and personal supplies
  • $75 to cover transportation costs while waiting for their first pay cheque to arrive
  • $100 towards the purchase of work boots or scrubs so they can start a job in construction or healthcare
  • $250 to receive mental health support to successfully start and keep working
  • $500 to support training programs, paid work placements and certificate fees

Have a question? Contact us!

Shelley Kuzma, VP of Fundraising at Goodwill Amity

If you have any questions or comments about making a donation please contact:

Shelley Kuzma
Director Community Engagements and Partnerships
905-526-8482, ext. 2247

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