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Required Qualifications:

POSITION SUMMARY: The Accessible Transit Operator is responsible for the safe transportation, assistance, and comfort of disabled and elderly passengers to various destinations. The Accessible Transit Operator should promote a pleasant and professional atmosphere


 Minimum Ontario Secondary School Grade 12 or equivalent required.
 Ability to read, write, understand, and speak English and possess good interpersonal and life skills in working the disabled and elderly.
 Capable of completing forms and reports as required by the position.
 Physically able to perform the requirements of the position.
 Possess a valid Ontario Vehicle Operator’s permit class “B”, a good driving record and in good standing.
 Must possess excellent knowledge of the Greater City of Hamilton streets.
 Experience working with the disabled and elderly would be an asset.
 Must be at least twenty-five (25) years of age.
 Computer knowledge an asset.

Key Responsibilities:


 Ensures that all company policies and procedures are followed, ensuring that the passengers and/or escorts follow all DARTS Transportation policies.
 Completes a Pre-Trip Inspection and reports mechanical problems.
 Logging into the Presto (Tablets) at the beginning of each shift, performing each passenger pick-up and drop-off
 Responds to emergency situations with a minimum of supervision.
 Secures passengers and their aids/accessories.
 Completes all DARTS forms and reports as applicable.
 Maintains neat appearance and performs duties in a way which conveys a “positive image” of DARTS Transit.
 Applies safety precaution and procedures in connection with duties performed as required by WHMIS, MTO, DARTS Policy and Procedures and Occupational Health and Safety Act; following Policies and Procedures including the use of safety equipment.
 Responsible for compliance with Section 28 of the OHSA.
 Performs other related duties as assigned.


 Operates DARTS vehicles and a variety of equipment but not limited to the following in the performance of duties:

i) Operate vehicles included in DARTS fleet
ii) Operate manual, electric ramp as applicable
iii) Q-Straint wheelchair restraint systems
iv) Load and secure all Personal Mobility Devices

Additional Details:

REPORTS TO: Driver Supervisor

RATE OF PAY: As per the Collective Agreement (Drivers)

 Performs duties as indicated under this Position Description and in accordance with the Collective Agreement within the boundaries of Greater City of Hamilton and Halton Region,

This position description is a general description and shall not be construed as a detailed position description. Any other duties that are consistent with the position factors shall be performed in conjunction with the position.

About Our Company:

DARTS is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides specialized transit service in Hamilton.

DARTS is a door-to-door transportation service employing wheelchair accessible buses, vans, MVs and contracted taxi services when appropriate. DARTS works under contract to Accessible Transportation Services (ATS), a department of the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR). ATS is responsible for the overall delivery of specialized transit services to the citizens of Hamilton and registration for DARTS must be made through ATS. DARTS service is available to persons with disabilities who are unable to access regular transit service. The service is also available to qualified residents of other municipalities while they are visiting the City of Hamilton.

DARTS is a shared ride service. Working together will make the shared ride service successful.


DARTS is a leader in providing specialized transit for a safe and accessible community.


DARTS is committed to providing a safe, high-quality, cost effective and customer-focused accessible transportation service.