Bailey Metal Processing Limited

Job Position: Packaging Line Operator

  • Application Deadline: 16th October 2022
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Location(s): Burlington,Burlington,Burlington
  • Compensation: per hour
    Compensation to be determined based on experience
  • How to Apply: Submit your resume and cover letter to
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Required Qualifications:

Minimum Grade 12 or equivalent, and previous experience manufacturing industry
 Excellent command of the English language including strong verbal and written communication
 Good mathematical and troubleshooting skills
 Ability to multi-task and manage multiple priorities simultaneously in order to meet deadlines
 Positive attitude and the ability to work effectively within a team as well as work independently as needed
 Basic computer skills
 Ability to engage in routine walking, standing, bending for extended periods of time

Key Responsibilities:

The main purpose of this position is to ensure the uninterrupted throughput of material within Bailey Metal Processing Limited.
This includes but is not limited to the following:
 Meeting schedules
 Working within a team environment
 Ensuring all aspects of work are done with an eye to Safety, Quality & Production in that order
The main function of the Packaging Line is to take slit material and package it to customer’s specifications. This may include material that is stand-up or material that needs to be placed on skids.
The Packaging Line Operator acts as the ‘lead’ for the two- or three-man crew. As such, he will be responsible to direct the material movement from slitting through to material handling.
The Packager(s) will work with the Packaging Line Operator to ensure the safe delivery of finished product to the FG storage areas.
Job progression includes Back End/Bander and Set-up operator
The responsibilities and accountabilities of the position include but are not limited to the following:
 Ensuring proper packaging of material including tagging coils/skidded slits and strapping/stacking slits. This will entail checking the Production Orders for the instructions whether to use tape or banding to secure the cuts as well as determining the number of each necessary for safe packages.
 Inspect the material for potential quality issues for slitting defects and report concerns promptly
 Correctly weighing of material and inputting that information into computer.
 Ensure stickers are on appropriate cuts.
 Separate slits (crane) for stand up material
 Down end slits as needed
 Supply proper skids to packaging line. This will include checking with the Production crew for the ‘next’ orders to ensure skids are made to size and quantity as required.
 Paperwrap skids, material, spacers, etc. as needed.
 Complete packager’s checklist (inputting skid info, lift tag creation, tag skidded slits, weight calculation for mults/slits)
ID Band (with and without spacers).
 Ensure amount of coils going on skids is correct as per the order including weight and lift requirements.
 Remove skidded slits from line (via forklift) and stack in assigned row
 When removing material to Finished Goods storage areas, ensure that the material is safely put away into the proper storage location. Typically packaged skids may be stacked 7 feet high.
 Ensure the line is turned off at the end of the shift.
 Operate the crane /forklift safely at all times.
 Demonstrates good housekeeping and maintaining a clean and safe work environment
 All other duties appropriate to the position as assigned or required by the supervisor

Safety Requirements
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn as recommended. This includes wearing CSA approved steel toe safety shoes at all times. Will also include Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection; arm guards/long sleeved shirt & full length pants. Do not wear loose clothing while operating any machinery. No loose jewelry.
 Ensure that co-workers work safely and report all unsafe practices.
 No equipment, tools, machinery will be used without authorization and training.
 Do not place hands or fingers near rolls during jogging operation to avoid pinch points.
 Workers must be alert to all forklift and crane traffic and movement in the plant areas.
 At no time will an employee walk under a raised lift of materials.
 All manual handling will be performed using proper safe techniques.
 Report all hazards, accidents, incidents and near misses promptly to the supervisor.
 Comply with all Bailey’s safety program requirements including ESRTW (Early & Safe Return to Work), Lockout, Pre-use inspection, etc. as delineated in Health and Safety Manual & Employee Handbook.
 Comply with all safety rules, cardinal safety rules, and equipment specific safety rules.
 Comply with radiation safety program and procedures.

Additional Details:

The Bailey Group of Companies welcomes and encourages diverse work teams and welcomes diversity and inclusion. All applicants who apply will be considered. Candidates with disabilities will be accommodated throughout the recruitment process. We encourage those who may need accommodations to reach out to our recruitment team so we may understand your individual accessibility needs throughout the hiring process

About Our Company:

Since 1950, Bailey Metal Products Limited has served Canada’s commercial and residential construction markets, combining hard work, leadership, and unrivaled customer service.
Founded by Sam Bailey, our company has continued to provide exceptional products and service to contractors and builders through partnerships with specialty dealers, distributors, and retailers.